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Our Mission

Our purpose is to help people elevate into the best possible version of their lives. Whether it be through enhanced focus at work, boosted energy at the gym, or relaxation in your bedtime routines, we want to help you become a better you.

Start and end your day on the right note

We believe that a big part of a healthy lifestyle is just a teacup away. Our premium tea blends deliver robust flavor and functional benefits to enjoy throughout your whole day.

Functional health meets rich indulgence

The benefits of drinking tea go beyond the art of preparation and taking in the aroma. Green, black, herbal teas and matcha contain phytonutrients, compounds that not only give plants their color, flavor and aroma, but also benefits human health.

In addition to offering products for immunity, focus, energy, detox and good sleep, we prioritize the delivery of a rich, indulgent flavor in each infusion of our exotic ingredients.

Our Values


We commit to quality in the sourcing of our ingredients and in every facet of our customer relationships. From the ordering process to answering product questions, it’s our goal to ensure our customers love to order from us.


It’s our promise to our customers that we offer the utmost clarity around our products and their ingredients. We are open about how our products are sourced, what they contain and how they will arrive at our customers’ doors.

Healthy Lifestyle

In delivering products with health benefits and high-quality tastes, we strive to help customers to see that healthy eating can be an indulgent experience that is within their reach every single day.

Infuse your life with healthy and delicious teas

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Your healthy lifestyle is just a teacup away!

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