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Tea Sachet or Tea Bag? The truth about tea bags

Tea is the second most widely consumed beverage worldwide, following water. In 2018, global tea production amounted to about 5.8 million metric tons.

Tea bags are often said to make tea brewing and drinking extremely convenient and easy. After brewing to the desired strength, the tea bag can be removed and set aside. From differing shapes to diverse production materials, tea bags have taken various avatars over the years. 

So what is the difference between a conventional tea bag and a pyramid sachet?



Tea Bag

Pyramid Sachet



Size and Quality

Conventional tea bags contain leftovers of dust and fanning’s of picked tea leaves. This means that the tea is made of broken leaves and the quality is compromised in mass production.

With pyramid tea bags, the spaciousness of the bags allows packaging of larger and higher quality whole tea leaves.







Tea bags are usually small which constrict the tea leaves and do not allow it to expand. Hence the brew lacks the rich and robust flavor.


Pyramid sachets have room for tea leaves to absorb water and expand as they infuse.

This allows the water to flow through the leaves and extract a wide range of flavors and aromas, creating a high quality brew.




When steeped, broken pieces of tea leaves, compared to whole ones, lose the aroma and tend to be more bitter in taste because of the release of tannins.

Delivers the best brew and imparts a wider range of flavors



Health Benefits

Bagged tea, with dust and fannings, provide a much lower level of health benefits. It degrades healthy compounds like flavonoids, l-theanine and antioxidants.

Since loose sachets have higher quality tea leaves and enough room to expand, it is able to extract essential oils, vitamins and minerals, including catechins and l-theanine.


Core Beverages pyramid tea sachets are made out of corn based biodegradable woven silken mesh material. It is larger than the regular pyramid sachet because a larger size allows for a truer loose leaf experience without the hassle of loose leaf. We only use the finest whole leaf tea and premium herbs cultivated from key quality origins which delivers a more robust and flavorful brew. 

So what do you prefer? Tell us in the comment section.

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